Emergency Oral Surgery

Tooth aches or dental infection can be some of the worst painful conditions one can have. Besides, even though not common, some dental infections can be lifethreatening. Prompt emergency dental treatment is important and in many times other than elimitating pain, will prevent more serious complications. During office hours we will make every effort to accomodate emergency patients same day. Please call the office during office hours and regardless of our schedule we should be able to see every emergency on the same day as long as we are in. 

After hours you can contact Dr. Yusupov directly at 516-749-3000. Please remember that this is a direct line to the doctor and reserve it for true urgent matters ONLY. Also, reminder that Dr. Yusupov may be performing surgery in the hospital when not in the office, meaning that if he doesnt repond to you rightaway, he will once becomes available.