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Advanced Oral Surgery Technology – Roslyn, NY

Cutting Edge Technology
for Cutting Edge Surgery

Keeping up with the latest technology is important for any dental health professional, but for oral and maxillofacial surgeons such as Dr. Yusupov, it’s especially crucial. Advanced oral surgery technology in Roslyn, such as like cone beam scanners and digital impressions, aid us in making accurate diagnoses, designing successful treatment plans, and ensuring your comfort during your surgery. On this page, you can learn more about our various technological offerings and how they keep our oral surgery office at the forefront of providing quality care.


Cone Beam CT 3D Scanner

3 D C T cone beam scanning technology in Roslyn oral surgery office

A cone beam CT scan lets us examine underlying nerves and other important structures that we need to work around in order to place a dental implant. The scan produces 3D cross sectional images of the jaws and teeth that provide more information than a regular X-ray could, showing us exactly where we need to place a dental implant without nerve damage or other complications. Compared to a regular CT scan, a cone beam CT scan takes less time and involves less radiation.

3D Printed Surgical Guides

Close up of clear 3 D printed dental implant surgical guide

A surgical guide is a special kind of oral appliance with a strategically placed hole that shows us exactly where we need to direct our surgical drill, ensuring that we’re aiming at the correct location at precisely the right angle. These appliances are based on highly accurate scans in your mouth, and the designing process takes mere minutes. We rely on surgical guides to help us achieve the best outcomes in a variety of treatments.

Digital Dental Impression Scanner

There are many procedures that require us to create a model of your mouth beforehand. But if you’re not looking forward to having to bite down on unpleasant-tasting putty for an uncomfortable amount of time, don’t worry; at our office, we use digital impressions instead. A quick scan is all we need to create a reliable 3D model that tells us the shape and positioning of all your teeth in accurate detail, with much less risk of errors that would require us to redo the impression.


Photogrammetry is the art of obtaining information about physical objects and their environment based on photographs. Overlapping photographs are combined and converted into 2D or 3D digital models. This approach has a variety of benefits. For example, it allows us to determine the exact position of dental implants while designing crowns or other restorations to be attached to the posts in order to complete your smile. Photogrammetry has been shown to be significantly more accurate than traditional impressions when it comes to planning full arch implant procedures.

Dental Milling 

Crowns, bridges, dental implant abutments – all of these objects and more need to be designed very precisely so that they fit comfortably in your smile and blend in seamlessly with your other teeth. Our dental milling machine can create restorations and other oral appliances out of ceramics and other materials according to detailed scans of your mouth. The advantage of having an in-house milling machine is that the restorations it creates can be placed much sooner.