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Why Do Dental Implants Often Succeed?

February 10, 2023

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An older man enjoying his new dental implants

As you might know, dental implants are quite successful in the long run. Studies even show their placement has a success rate of over 95%! However, you may wonder why these prosthetics succeed so often. After all, having that knowledge could help you confirm if implants are right for you. Well, wonder no more – your Rosalyn oral surgeon is here to answer your question! Read on, then, to learn three crucial factors contributing to dental implants’ success.

Training & Experience

More than anything else, successful implants depend on a treating dentist’s skill level. That’s only natural – training and experience impact how well the placement goes. As such, qualified dentists who perform implant surgery have the know-how to perform it rightly.

To find the ideal implant provider, ask a dentist about their education. Also, be detailed when you do; you’ll find someone with thorough training that way. For example, learn about their experience with implants, the relevant organizations they belong to, etc.

Advanced Technology

Implants fuse with your jaw, so they function best when precisely placed. Therefore, many dental practices use advanced tools to ensure that precision.

Consider cone-beam computed typography (CBCT), for example. This type of 3D X-ray lets dentists learn your jawbone’s exact volume and density. From there, they can plan a placement surgery before it even begins. (As a bonus, CBCT also uses less radiation than standard CT scans and provides a better resolution.)

Other technologies also help implant placement. Some practices, you see, even have dental milling machines that craft implants according to detailed mouth scans.

Decent Oral Health

Often enough, dentists only place implants if you have good oral health. Your gums and jaw need to be strong enough to support the prosthetics. Meanwhile, those who suffer from jawbone loss or gum disease will see their implants fail soon after placement.

Luckily, it’s possible to make your mouth healthy enough for implants. You could always keep gum disease under control with good oral hygiene and regular checkups. On the other hand, a dentist could always give you periodontal therapy or bone grafts before implant surgery.

As you can see, the success of dental implants isn’t some well-kept secret. These prosthetics are bound to flourish, given factors like those above. That being the case, keep those facets in mind as you pursue implant treatment in the future.

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